Community helps raise enough money to get diabetic Michigan boy alert dog

Gabe now keeps watch over 8-year-old Ryan at night

IDA, Mich. – Gabe the dog isn't just a best friend to 8-year-old Ryan Chmura, he's also a potential lifesaver.

Local 4 first shared Chmura's story in January after he was diagnosed with diabetes and was raising money to get a diabetic alert dog.


"It's terrifying ... sleeping. Going to bed at night and thinking I'm not going to wake up," Chmura said.

The diabetic alert dog came with a sense of security, but also a hefty price tag: $16,000. But after Chmura's story aired, viewers came through and the money was raised in only four months.

"Your viewers just came out of the woodwork. we just couldn't have asked for more," said Chmura's mom, Melissa. "Gabe has made a huge difference and we get to see our son smile again. It's pretty cool."

Ryan Chmura said he looks forward to going to bed every night with Gabe by his side and calls the dog his miracle.

"I don't have to worry about anything," he said.

Melissa Chmura says Gabe is very vigilant and howls if her son ever gets out of range.


The family still needs some more training for Gabe. Anyone who would like to donate can do so on their fundraising page here.