Making A Difference: A Husband and Wife Team

They've used their own challenging life experience to help others.

Upon meeting while they were both Probation Officers for the Courts, Clifford and Darcia Cheeks, found that they had common interests relative to providing information and direction for improving the health of those in the Detroit community.

Along the way they got married and in 2003 formed CheeksColonCare. Darcia became the certified technician providing colon therapy, reflexology, dietary measures and yoga for adults and youth. Clifford began providing developmental seminars and workshops that dealt with character development and self awareness subjects for youth within the school system.

As time evolved in 2013 they evolved into the Wellness Advocates of Detroit, a non profit organization.

Being a husband and wife team, they work daily on an array of activities that are related to improving the quality of life for those that they serve. Located on the Westside of Detroit, at 19467 Livernois, their office has a constant influx of folks looking for help in improving their health.

Darcia is very soft spoken and direct. Clifford is very articulate and easily moves from one subject to another. When asked how it is working together all day, they state that they wouldn't have it any other way.

Recently they completed their annual Male Responsibility Seminar held on Belle Isle. This all day session attracted many youth and young adults, where a number of topics were addressed relative to character development. Lou Colson Director, Project Better Man Inc. and a long time community activist, was a presenter with a unique testimony.

He had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and was given a life expectancy of living to 2009. He stated with the help of Darcia and Clifford he made many live changes. They changed his life style and developed healthy strategies. Lou speaks highly of the impact that was made in his life and how he spreads the message. He states that he has been blessed with continued life and that he is obligated to touch the lives of others.

Darcia and Clifford Cheeks spend each day Making A Difference..they are Everyday Heroes.