Force 4 Good: Cody High School ready for kickoff on new field

Detroit high school's football field built on hope


DETROIT – For the past few months, crews have been working tirelessly to make sure Cody High School's football field is ready for the first home game of the season.

Building the Cody Rouge community a football field is a small piece to Life Remodeled's bigger plan to restore the community.

"It's going to feel good!" said Cody High School Football player Brian Taylor. "The first time playing on the home field I'm going to love it. It's going to be a night you'll never forget!"

Taylor, known by his teammates at "Big B," is a senior at Cody High School and plays offensive and defensive tackle for the Comets.

Cody High School has not had a home football game in more than six years.

"It's a home advantage," said football player Derick Smith. "There are no excuses like I tripped into the pot hole."

"They have been excited from day one!" said Cody's head football coach Calvin Norman. "They didn't know that we was going to play on here this year, but when they got word we was going to play, they got extremely excited."

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Last summer, Life Remodeled came into the Cody Rouge Community and renovated and updated classrooms at Cody High School, and removed 303 blocks of blight within the community. The football field is just a small part of the two-year-long renovation to restore the Cody Rouge Community.

"It's good for the community because it is going to brighten up the community. Uplift the community, because that is something you need around here," said Norman.

The $300,000 turf football field was funded through donations and the goal posts were donated to the community by the Detroit Lions.

"That is why it's called 'Hope Field,'" said Norman. "Because of the donations and the blessings that people gave to let you know there is hope out there."

With a new football field in place, old Cody High School traditions are brought back to life.

"The walk is legendary," said Jayvonte Ball, who is the starting running back for the Comets.

Norman emphasized the importance of "the walk."

Watch: Cody football team walks to new field

"The walk is something that they are going to experience on Friday," said Norman. "That walk represents a moment of getting closer to the ring."

With the football field complete and the running track soon to be installed, the Cody Rouge Community is ready for kickoff.

"I'm very happy that we got a new field for Cody," said Cody High School quarterback Omar Salih. "It's been a long time and were ready to play on it. The whole school is excited about coming to see us play."