Special needs artists to be featured in art show

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Emily Monroe and Noofi Makadsi are special needs artists who are quickly gaining popularity, and their talents just landed them a spot at an Auburn Hills art show.

Monroe's craft is photography. Her mother saw a bunch of photos on her camera roll one day and didn't know where they had come from. After realizing Emily took the photos, her parents decided to foster her talent.  

"And they were beautiful, well composed, spot-on photographs, and that's where all of Emily's photography really began," Beth Monroe said. 

Emily Monroe's starting taken photos four years ago, and hasn't put her favorite pink camera down ever since. She takes photos of everything: food, flowers, sunsets.

She's also turned it into a business and advocated for disability rights.

Her work will be on display with fellow artist and friend Makadsi's abstract-style paintings.

"When she saw his painting, she said someday he will be a famous artist," Amani Makadsi said.  

Makadsi's inspiration changed after moving to the U.S. from his hometown in Iraq.  He used to draw photos of pain and suffering, but now focuses on peace, love and hope. 

Although they've only spoken to each other via social media, the two artists will finally get the chance to meet at the art show.

The "Down With The Arts" event is on Aug. 23 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the at the North Oakland YMCA in Auburn Hills. 

There will be free refreshments and entertainment -- and art will be available for purchase.

More art by Monroe and Makadsi can be found on their websires: Iamnoofi.weebly.com and Emilysenterprises.weebly.com.