Madison Heights seniors choir needs new piano

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. – Every Monday afternoon, the Campus Choir meets for practice at the Madison Solberg Senior Community in Madison Heights.

The group has about 20 residents as its members.  The youngest is 53-year-old DeAnn Burkitt, the oldest is 94-year-old Loraine Close.

Age is just a number, but not when it comes to the piano.

“Oh it’s probably as old as I am,” Harriet Hardy said. “The piano is probably about 80 years old.”

Hardy has been playing the piano for the choir for nearly 15 years. She said the piano has seen better days.

“It’s out of tune, there might be a flat note when it shouldn’t be,” she said.

The keys stick. It’s out of tune. One time, it lost a leg. Hardy said when the group sings for memorials, funerals and parties, they actually get complaints.

“They can hear it out in the audience,” Hardy said.

Beverly Thomasson had contacted churches and friends and now Local 4 to try to get the group a new one.

She said they can’t afford one on their own, she’s hoping maybe someone could donate one because to this group, singing is everything.

“We enjoy it, we love it,” Thomasson said. “It gets us out of our apartment. It’s like a fellowship.”

If you can help, contact:
Sharon Khouri
Service Coordinator
National Church Residences