Special needs prom held in Warren

WARREN, Mich. – A very special celebration took place in Warren where people with special needs were able to experience going to the prom.

The red carpet was laid out for the “Night to Shine” which was held at Warren Woods Baptist Church and was sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation.

Attendees showed off their dance moves on the dance floor.

“I like dancing, having fun and I’m having a ball,” Mike Harbert said. “The eating and the drinking punch.”

More than 100 volunteers helped prepare for the big night, many partnering up as a date for attendees who needed one.

“I had seen an ad on Facebook for people to volunteer for a buddy and I’ve done something similar before so I decided to do it again,” volunteer Joanie Brewer said.

The prom even had entertainment for the parents and caretakers who have a 24 hour responsibility of taking care of their loved one with special needs.

The event was open to anyone in Macomb County over the age of 16 with special needs.

“This is a group in our community that gets left out a whole lot and we want them to feel special and know they are loved,” coordinator Melissa Kiger said.

The “Night to Shine” event took place simultaneously at more than 100 churches around the world.

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