Man heartbroken after service dog stolen; asks for public's help to find her

Skylar stolen Monday night from parked car in Warren

WARREN, Mich. – A Warren man is asking for the public’s help after his service dog was stolen from his car.

Christopher Yousef suffers from chronic seizures, and the dog, a Staffordshire terrier named Skylar, can detect when one is coming on.

"She’s the most important thing to me, other than my children,” Yousef said.

Skylar was in a parked car Monday night outside a friend’s home near 8 Mile Road and Van Dyke. Yousef said he left her in the car to go inside, and was gone for only a few minutes.

“I came in the house, came back outside right away to come get her, and my dog was gone,” Yousef said. “She’s not just a normal dog. She’s like my family. She’s my service animal.”

Yousef said Skylar has broken a window before to get help when he’s had a seizure.

“She’s so lovable. She’s so great. My four children walk on her, sit on her, do whatever they want,” Yousef said. “I take care of her better than I take care of myself.”

Yousef has filed a police report. A reward is also being offered.

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