Tree services come together to remove tree threatening family's home

WARREN, Mich. – A group of tree trimming and removal companies volunteered their time Saturday morning to help a family in Warren.

Jen Powers lives with her mother. Powers suffers from multiple sclerosis. Her mother is a disabled senior.

Hanging over their house is a dead tree that could crush their home if it fell during the next big storm.

To have the tree safely removed was estimated last year to cost the family more than $7,500.

Lori Mac with Jenny’s Tree Service never forgot that estimate.

“It was ready to fall on two houses,” Mac said. “It would’ve crushed the houses.”

Mac reached out to the tree service community to see if anyone would help do the job for free.

Jenny’s Tree Service, of Warren, was joined by Clean Cut Service, of Livonia, Northwood Tree Service, of Shelby Township, and George Glassgow, the state’s oldest climber. DW Roll Offs, of Clinton Township, brought a container for the wood.

Mac is calling the volunteers the “Tree Musketeers.” They’re working together on their own time to help out a family in need.

“We’re so grateful to them for doing this for us,” Power said.

Mac expects that there are many others who need trees removed. Contact her directly and she’ll take a look at the tree to see what can be done.

Lori Mac
Sales and Marketing
Jenny’s Tree Service Warren

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