‘Engage Detroit' helps make volunteering exciting for younger generation

DETROIT – Rick Van House and his wife Nicole started GiveYoung.org with the hope of encouraging a younger generation to give and volunteer.

“What we were finding is that non-profits didn’t know how to talk to young people, and young people didn’t really know how to find a non-profit,” Van House said.

One way to get 20 and 30-somethings to get involved philanthropically is to make is exciting and inviting, that’s why the organization hosts “Engage Detroit.”

“It’s a party first. It’s fun, there’s music, DJs, bands, dancing. But what we do that is different is that each non-profit that attends – and we have eight – has to do an engaging activity,” Van House said.

To date, the Van House Foundation and GiveYoung.org has hundreds of non-profits looking for volunteers that young people can engage with. Van House said he believes it’s important to connect them to secure philanthropists of the future.

This year’s Engage Detroit event is April 8.