Free Art Friday Detroit: Get your clue here

DETROIT – Free Art Friday Detroit (FAFDET) is a free art scavenger hunt designed to promote creativity, celebrate art, and explore Detroit.

Free Art Friday is a global concept that was brought to Detroit back in 2011 by several designers and illustrators from Skidmore Studios. In 2014,  Lynn Blasey from the College of Creative Studies played an instrumental role in keeping the social media scavenger hunt alive.

(Portion of the video supplied by Emily Morman)

Here's how it works:

1. An artist creates a custom piece of art -- anything from a painting to a screenprint to a sculpture.

2. They write their Twitter handle and the hashtag #FAFDET as well as "Facebook: Free Art Friday Detroit" on the back of the piece. They may even include a note offering more instructions.

3. Then they hide their art somewhere in the city.

4. A photo clue of the drop spot is then posted to the FAFDET & Local4News Facebook page and tweets the same clue with hashtag #FAFDET.

5. Anyone who finds it is free to take the artwork home. We just ask that they tweet or post a photo to this page letting us know it has found a good home & make sure to also hashtag #local4today.

Clue from April 29, 2016

Clue from April 22, 2016

Clue from April 15, 2016