Backpacks donated to Detroit elementary students

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DETROIT – The Mike Morse Law Firm gave new backpacks filled with school supplies to students Wednesday at Maybury Elementary School.

The firm started the initiative two years ago for children in the city of Detroit.

"The difference it's making in these children, it's overwhelming. My goal is one day to give a backpack full of supplies to every child in Michigan in need," Morse said.

The backpacks included supplies like notebooks, rulers and pencils, and 8-year-old Osvaldo was excited about the supplies.

"I like the drawing. I am creative and I like creativity," Osvaldo said.

Fabian and Kimberly, both 8 years old, said they are happy to be saving money for their family.

"I always want a new backpack every year and I feel like (my mother is) wasting a lot of money," Fabian said.

Caitlin Koska, a third-grade teacher at Maybury Elementary, said there have been times when she had to give school supplies to some of her students, so the new backpacks mean a lot to her class.

Last year, the law firm gave out 23,000 backpacks. This year they've added 10,000 more backpacks to give to kindergarten through eighth-grade students at 82 schools in Detroit.

WATCH: Mike Morse donates backpacks to students at Maybury Elementary

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