Noel Night in Detroit's Midtown draws huge crowd

Noel Night draws crowd, seems to get bigger

DETROIT – It's a Detroit tradition and every year, Noel Night in Detroit's Midtown brings out more and more people.

You can't call it Noel Night without Christmas carols. The youngsters were mesmerized not only by the sound, but the sights too.

Christian Mclean's mother brings him and his sister down every December. It's their 10th year.

"We like coming down to the museums. It's in Detroit and we live in the city," Jali Mclean said. "So we get away from our neighborhood, come down to Midtown and you have good time."

Noel Night draws a crowd, and it seems to get bigger. It's more than just Detroiters singing along. Mari Liyn Gillin and her granddaughter are from West Bloomfield. It's their second year hanging in Midtown.

"I think it's so cool you can get everyone in one place to sing for no apparent reason," Bella Ashby said. "Nowhere else they will do that. I was here by myself. I'd be like, no way."

Mixed in the crowd, you will those in true holiday apparel, and it turns out one Detroiter ventured out for the first time.

"Well, some friends invited us and I said sure, check it out and we'll be back," the Detroiter said.

The chilly December breeze is enough to keep the ice sculptures sticking around, and apparently the near-freezing temps couldn't keep the holiday lovers down.