Film Challenge Detroit: 3 great apps for video editing

Creative Commons/IntelFreePress Cropped to 16x9.
Creative Commons/IntelFreePress Cropped to 16x9.

As we count down to another thrilling Film Challenge Detroit we will be featuring apps and gear that will make telling your story a little easier.

We took a look last year at some fantastic apps to help you with the edit of your film but we'd like to focus on a couple more options available to you this year.

Blackmagic Design Resolve 14 public beta

Editing programs used to be a huge investment for the independent filmmaker, and for those just starting out, a daunting decision.  Industry standards like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut have dropped in price and accessibility over the years but can still be out of reach for those just starting out or not ready to shell out hundreds of dollars. 

There have been cheaper alternatives like iMovie available for quite some time with decent capabilities to cut together video but otherwise quite lacking when it comes to offering the robust features found in the other more expensive options.

But the latest release of Davinci Resolve is a game changer! The former color grading software has now transitioned to a full blown NLE with excellent features for mastering audio, editing and of course color correction. 

This software would normally cost $995 for the full version but that price was cut by $700 in May. With the paid upgrade you get access to advanced features for HDR and lens correction but for typical use and especially short films you will find the free public beta more than capable of helping you tell your story.

This is not a trial version, there is no watermark and you are free to use it as long as you'd like. But if you are willing to spend the $299.99 for the full program you will have access to one of the most complete editing packages on the market!


Another great option for mobile editors, VSCO, a popular app for photographers with excellent film emulation looks and filters, has expanded it's app to include video editing capabilities. Bringing over its unique film looks with support for 4k video up to 30p and 1080p up to 60p with slow motion support in the works. Out now for iOS and coming soon for Android.  VSCO will run you $19.99 for a year of access to "VSCO X" which gives you the ability to use video as well as access to other features. An interesting app worth looking into, you can use it for free for a 7 day trial to see if the looks are something you are interested in.


This is an absolutely wonderful option for editing on iOS devices and is truly surprising at how powerful it is. I have been able to take 4k footage shot with a Sony FS7 and edit it directly on an iPad Pro. Something that was unheard of even just last year.  Having options like this are great if you get ideas on the go!

You could keep proxy footage from your projects on "the cloud" with services like Dropbox or Google Drive (the app has options to directly log in and import from both) and then work on rough edits on the go if file size is an issue for storage space or you can master your final product. It is that flexible.

With support for multitrack video and audio and a plethora of video options (you can even edit and export 360 video?!) LumaFusion is a steal at $19.99 and highly worth checking out.

Are you using your smartphone to work on your film submission this year? You'd be surprised at what a handy device it can be.  What apps do you like?  What programs are you using to get your story told? Let us know below!