All 4 Pets: Jingle Pets Winner

The New Year was welcomed in with the help of an Elf from Belleville.


The winner for our All 4 Pets: Jingle Pets contest has been decided. We asked for entries from all over Metro Detroit and got thousands of votes in response. With pet costume submissions that included Cooper the horse in a Christmas shawl, Lulu Belle the rabbit in a hat, and Benny the pig in angel wings, competition was stiff. In the end the winner was Dobby; a pit bull terrier who dressed as an Elf and gave the camera a mischievous smile.

There's a lot to be said for capturing the moment. Dobby is set in front of an all white background, and he's definitely being a good boy as his people arranged his costume and the lighting just so. When the moment of the picture came, he was bright eyed and smiling; clearly loving the attention. While all of the pets got lots of love from the voting community, Dobby received over a thousand votes for his Christmas Elf picture, earning him the number one spot.

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