The Woman Providing Comfort In The D

When you see a common grocery bag, you may not instantly think of it as an item that can help those in need. But in the heart of Detroit there is a woman using plastic bags in a way you've never seen before. 

Mitch Albom introduced us to Gail Marlow and the Motor City Mitten Mission. 

The Motor City Mitten Mission makes mats and pillows out of plastic bags to help the homeless. The mats and pillows keep the heat in, and are bug resistant. Each mat and pillow takes about 15 hours to make. 

Marlow receives plastic bag donations from all over the city. Local schools help in the making of the balls of "plarn." From there, local crochet enthusiasts take the balls and start to make the life-saving mats. 

To find out more about The Motor City Mitten Mission and to find out ways you can help, go to their Facebook Page or website.