Our favorite superhero movies around the office

WDIV producers talk about some of our favorite superhero movies

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Superhero movies have become their own genre of action movie, right alongside buddy-cop, martial arts, and westerns. Now WDIV producers dish about some of their favorites.

Ron Stratton - "Avengers: Infinity War"

What more can be said about Disney and Marvel’s juggernaut blockbuster? Since Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury first appeared in Iron Man with the cryptic tease of “An Avengers Program” this was the goal of a multi-billion dollar franchise.  I didn’t think the first Avengers film could be topped, but Infinity War delivered above and beyond my expectations. The culmination of almost twenty films and a decade of planning, it was able to deftly juggle multiple characters that I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined would have shared the screen together.  All while delivering one of the most fascinating villains in cinema history and large cg landscapes that actually felt epic and not something simply made in a computer.  I cannot wait to see what the end game is with the next film!

Jake Draugelis - "Batman: Under the Red Hood"

A brilliant silver screen adaptation of the Red Hood storyline. Here is a perfect representation of what defines Batman: he does not kill, under any circumstance. What I love about this story is that it is what my favorite martial arts movies are; equal parts action and philosophy.

Brandon Crawford - "The Mask"

'The Mask' came out the same year as 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective' and 'Dumb and Dumber', so, if a Jim Carey movie was in theaters you pretty much had to see it. It was the silver screen premiere of Cameron Diaz (which was a bigger deal than any of us would have guessed at the time) but what made it such a hit was that Jim Carey just seemed perfect for this part. He's an emoting machine, and the prosthetic mask actually enhanced his performance instead of hindering it.

What made it special for me in particular was that I was a nerdy kid. Seeing Jim Carey's character - who was as much of a nerd as I was- find something that let him be totally free was inspiring. It gave me hope at a time when I needed it.

Josh Whipple - Guardians of the Galaxy

I have always enjoyed super hero movies, even the bad ones. When I heard that guardians was coming out I had no clue who they were because I had never read them, and assumed that it would be another simple good guy versus static bad guy with a generic B storyline.

In the second scene of guardians, when we are introduced to present day Star Lord, I was excited that this seemed to be different. First and foremost as a music fan; this may be my all-time favorite soundtrack, and they make it relate to the main character. As he is dancing through a cave and kicking rats he is instantly funny and the movie builds on this comedy.

While we have a fun story of good versus bad, the comedy is what makes this my favorite super hero movie. It isn’t just one character with a few funny jokes here and there, it’s funny the whole way through.