The makers of 'Akoma' have advice for indie filmmakers Part 3

We spoke with the winners of the 2016 Film Challenge Detroit

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Today we continue our interview with the winners of the 2016 Detroit Film Challenge. Check out PART 1 and PART 2 of the interview as well!

What did you know about the Sundance Film Festival before you went? Had it always been a dream of yours?

Lucie: "Always a dream. Yes. Absolutely always."

Did you meet any big celebrities?

Lucie: "There was not a moment there that wasn't simply wonderful. Everyone working there and volunteering is so kind, helpful, and interested in whatever you are working on. It is a family of creatives. The vibe is so inclusive. Our friend, Leah, met one of her fave comedians, Nick Offerman, and was able to snap a selfie with him. It was told to me by my fellow dancers that Elijah Wood walked by them, though I missed it since I was upstairs in a loft looking for Sam Elliot. I missed him too!" 

Did you see any films that affected you? Maybe changed the way you look at your own work?

Lucie: "We saw a masterfully done piece called GOOK, written and directed by actor Justin Chon, also starring Curtiss Cook, Jr and Simone Baker. Raw, genuine, emotionally challenging and healing. It was my favorite of the films we saw there. I jumped out of my seat at the end to give the cast/crew a much deserved standing ovation. A definite inspiration."

What did you learn from your time at such a major film festival?

Alex: "Sundance is exceedingly well organized. It is truly like a dance. It was easy to navigate, questions readily answered, and we all felt so welcomed there. We are taking all of those things into consideration going forward with our business and whatever film showcases we may hold in the future. My take home, don't be afraid of the major festivals. There are so many treasured experiences to have and memories to be made in their attendance. Jump in, be yourself, and enjoy."

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