'Surviving The Stop' workshop teaches kids how to properly handle police situations

All about preventing police-involved shootings, killings

DETROIT – Police-involved shooting and killing of young men have made headlines all across the country for years now, so one local foundation is hosting a workshop to work on preventing these incidents from happening.

The B.A.L.L. Foundation, a nonprofit organization started by Local 4's Randy Henry, is hosting a seminar called "Surviving the Stop" to help teach kids how to properly conduct themselves if/when they are pulled over by police.

"If one kid can learn something out of this event and walk away from a stop then I've done my job," said B.A.L.L. Foundation founder Randy Henry. "If I can give them some techniques and help them survive the stop then I'm helping somebody and that's my whole goal to put my arm around one of these young boys and say ‘look man I want you to stay alive, survive the stop and fight for another day."

The B.A.L.L Foundation's mission is to "create social and life-changing experiences for youth ages 7-17 by providing a learning environment that enhances life skills through the influence of basketball," according to its Facebook page.