"America's Got Talent" comes to Detroit!

Everyone has their own special talent and today was the day to showcase them


Today is the day some Michiganders have been waiting their whole lives for. It is the "America's Got Talent" auditions! There was a wide variety of performers there today and we can't wait to introduce just some of them to you!

Here are some of the contestants that we had the pleasure of interviewing:

Allison Ottjepka:

Where are you from? Detroit, MI

What is your act? CirWheel. For those who don't know what this is, it is a round circus apparatus derived from German wheel. You get inside and spin. She got started with this by seeing a video of it online and dove right in. Allison went and immediately got an instructor and perfected her act.

How excited are you for this opportunity? Allison is looking forward to just having fun and gaining more professional experience. 

Cameron or "Pattern"

Where are you from? Detroit, MI

What is your act? He is a dancer. He has been dancing all his life and credits his career to his mom because he would constantly come downstairs and try to recreate Michael Jackson's performances.

How excited are you for this opportunity? Pattern is ecstatic to be there. He has been waiting for that moment his whole entire life and couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity. 

The Mysterious Movado

Where are you from? Detroit, MI

What is your act? He is a professional wrestler. He has been doing this for almost 20 years. His signature move is "Greetings from Planet Detroit."

How excited are you for this opportunity? The Mysterious Movado is very excited to showcase his wrestling talents to the judges and also to just have some fun.

Ivy and Violet

Where are you from? Huntington Woods, MI

What is your act? These two girls are dancers who will be dancing jazz and hip-hop to the song "Instruction" by Demi Lovato. They are 11 years old and have known each other since second grade.

How excited are you for this opportunity? They are super excited for this opportunity and are a little bit nervous but can't wait to strut their stuff for the panel of judges!

Good luck to all of the contestants today and we hope to see you represent Michigan throughout this process!