Don't drink and drive: find a ride this holiday season

Other options to stay safe


You can enjoy alcohol this holiday without having to worry about whether or not you'll be able to get home safely. Metro Detroit has lots of options for transportation!

1. Taxi services

With a simple phone call you can have a ride sent to wherever you are to take you wherever you live. It's the traditional alternative when you cannot drive your vehicle.

To arrange a ride ahead of time visit Detroitcab.org or call 313-841-6000.

2. Uber/Lyft

Download the app for either of these companies and you're ready to go. You'll not only be able to quickly arrange for a ride, but you'll have updates on their location, the estimated cost, and who will be driving you.

Get their apps and sign up for a free account on the Apple or Google Play store.

3. Bird

We're not going to pretend that you'll look cool using these, but if you live in the city of Detroit you do have the option to rent a scooter. Do not use these after drinking, but if you want to meet your friends at the bar without taking your vehicle there you can use an electric scooter

Download the app and it will tell you where nearby scooters are. Then walk up to them, start your rental time, and scoot to your destination. When you're done just tell the app you've finished and set the scooter out of the way of pedestrians.

4. Go-Ladies

This company provides an environment that makes women feel safe. It's a ride sharing program similar to Uber or Lyft, but it provides rides exclusively for and by women.

According to their site: "Go-Ladies provides rides for women throughout the tri-county area by women drivers. By ensuring that women are driven by women drivers, we create a safe and comfortable environment. We are available 24/7 to give you a ride!"