Students announce future plans at Crestwood High School in Dearborn Heights

Crestwood holds first decision day for senior class

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – Seniors at Crestwood High School in Dearborn Heights held a reveal party to announce what schools and programs they have chosen to attend after graduation.

"I'm so proud of the class of 2019," senior Sara Komiaha said. "We're literally amazing."

"These are our future politicians, our CEOs, our managers," said Ed Garcia, the treasurer of the Crestwood School District Board of Education. "This is the best and brightest right here."

It's the first time a Crestwood senior class has held a decision day.

Komiaha is heading to Harvard in the fall. She said she's excited, but the decision wasn't an easy one because of many great offers.

"I've been contemplating this for a really long time," Komiaha said.

Eight Crestwood students received acceptance letters to Ivy League schools and 11 students received offers from some of the highest-ranked colleges in the nation.

"It means we are doing our job in the school district to provide the ultimate of educations," Garcia said.

Students are also taking routes other than universities.

"I'm really focused on learning music, and now I'm focusing on going overseas and teaching music there," student Rashad Madarani said.

"I want to change how people eat," student Samantha Fencyk said. "I want to make them feel better about themselves."

To see where all the Crestwood High School seniors are going, check out #CHSEndgame19 on social media.

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