How much are Michigan Renaissance Festival tickets?


You may have been paying with a bunch of coins back during the actual Renaissance, but at the Michigan Renaissance Festival you'll only need some cold hard cash. 

If you're planning on just attending one day of the festival, an adult ticket will cost you $23.95, a senior ticket is $21.95 and a kid's ticket is $14.95. Children under the age of 4 are free. 

College students can even get a discounted ticket for $21.95 with a valid college ID. 

If you want the royal treatment at the festival, you can purchase the royal pass, which goes for $150 for adults and $80 for kids. 

If you're trying to go a few times while the Renaissance Festival is running, there are season passes available.

And you don't have to leave your pooch at home. You can bring your dog to the festival with a dog pass that costs $50 for a season pass. 

There is an option to get discounted tickets, too. Just follow there link here