Local 4 fan wins blue ribbon in Monroe's 4-H storytelling competition

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10-year-old Jayden Cramer began writing stories only a year ago, and one of them,
"The Princess Trips," just won an award in this year's 4-H storytelling competition in Monroe.

Paired up with a princess tiara and a Local 4 microphone, Jayden presented her story to a panel of judges in July. She received a blue ribbon, the best ribbon rating in the competition.


The Cramer family has had a long history with Monroe's 4-H program, with Jayden's great grandparents being active members in the fair. Jayden herself has been a non-competitive member since she was 7. Now, at 10, she is working in competitive projects. 

One of the many projects Jayden chose was storytelling, where a 4-H member has to present an original story to the judges. Costume and props were encouraged. 

"These two princesses go on a lot of trips," Jayden said regarding her story. "Colorado, New York, Detroit, Paris..."

In the story, Jayden's princesses stop by WDIV-Local 4 in Detroit. Jayden's mother, Kim, got props from the station for Jayden's presentation.

"We watch WDIV every morning," Kim Cramer said. "She loves Brandon, Kim, Jason, Evrod and Rhonda. She will even ask me where one of them is at if she doesn't see them in the morning."

Future plans

Jayden plans on returning to the storytelling competition in the next few years, and her mother shared that she is already writing sequels to her story for future presentations. With the school year kicking in soon, she is looking forward to starting fifth grade.

"I'm kind of excited to see my best friend," Jayden shared. She is also looking forward to starting out in band this year.

As for what she wants to do when she grows up, Jayden wants to follow her mother's career as faculty support services supervisor at the University of Michigan's School of Social Work.

"Then, for fun," Jayden added, "write books."