Local 4 at Focus: HOPE march during community event

This past weekend Local 4 was proud to partner with Focus: HOPE Detroit. Thank you to everyone that came out and visited us at our tent, and talked with us about how important it is to get the word out about filling out the census in 2020.

We were happy to meet everyone, and to help raise awareness for this important cause.

Check out the gallery below for pictures from the event:

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Focus: HOPE Detroit is an organization that began in March of 1968. The foundation was founded by Eleanor M. Josaitis and Father William T. Cunningham, whose mission from the start was to overcome racism, poverty, and injustice by building up our diverse community with trust, freedom, and affection. Since then, they have continued to aim to empower everyone and promote diversity, hope, and excellence. To find out more about this foundation and all the wonderful work that they do, you can visit https://www.focushope.edu/