‘We all care’ -- How New Haven Lions Club is helping those in need

More than 120 families helped this year so far

NEW HAVEN, Mich. – This morning for Your Neighborhood we are in New Haven where a local group is doing something to help those in need.

The pandemic has left a lot of people struggling to make ends meet. A local woman says just ask her for help.

“We go out and look for people that need help,” said Jody Lundberg.

Lundberg is the president of the New Havens Lions Club, and she wants to help you. Whatever items you might need there’s a good chance she’s got them!

“Everybody needs something and whatever you need somebody else has, so you just have to ask!” she said.

Lundberg and her team have done the asking for you. In fact, they’ve stockpiled items the community might need and are ready to give them away. Everything from diapers, to shoes, blankets, coats, school supplies and more! They have plenty. And she’s not afraid to ask for what she doesn’t have.

“Yeah, they’re for free,” said Lundberg. “People donate them. Sometimes the club members do pay out of their pocket because we don’t get paid for doing this, we all volunteer.”

The goal of the New Haven Lions Club is to serve the community, and they’re doing just that. The reason why is simple.

“We all care,” Lundberg explained. “You gotta care about people. It’s something that God has put in my heart. I have a desire to make sure that people are okay.”

While their small building is tucked away in New Haven, they have helped people all over Metro Detroit because the need is great beyond just their community. So far this year alone they’ve helped more than 120 families. They’ve been doing this now for about three years and have no plans to stop just yet.

“It makes me feel good! It really does,” explained Lundberg. “If you change one person’s life, that person will change somebody else’s life and it can go right on down the line.”

If you are in need or maybe you have items that you’d like to donate, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/newhavenlions/

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