Adult playgrounds all the rage across the county

Would adult playgrounds work here in Michigan?

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DETROIT - The monkey bars aren't just for kids anymore.

Playgrounds geared towards adults are popping up - New York City just opened it's first.

"The adult playground concept is borrowed from China and parts of Europe, where outdoor fitness areas for adults have become as routine as high-fiber diets or vitamin D supplements in preventive care, particularly for older people," wrote Winnie Hu in a New York Times titled, Mom,Dad,This Playground's for You.

These playgrounds may have a name reminiscent of childhood fun, but they are intended to be used by adults seeking to be more active.

The idea is to get adults outside, off the couch and to get them moving, jumping and climbing especially if they don't have access to a gym.

According to Yee, "a growing number of city and park officials, health experts and community leaders throughout the country are praising the health and social benefits of adult playgrounds."

Would you use an adult playground vs. the gym and would this concept work here in Michigan?

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