Bald Eagle Cam lets viewers gawk at hatching eaglets

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A live camera is streaming the hatching of the newest additions to a Bald Eagle family in California.

The Pet Collective has set up an Eagle Cam for proud parents Wray and Superman.

Three eggs were laid in February and one has since hatched.

The Eaglets will live in the nest for the next 10 to 12 weeks.

Wray and Superman have returned to this nest for the past six years, but Wray has been using this nest since 1991.

Bald Eagles typically mate for life.

About the proud mama eagle

Wray -- The name was given to her when she was relocated from a nest in British Columbia. Wray is 27 years old and she has a silver marker band on her left leg.

About the proud daddy eagle

K01 -- On the Institute for Wildlife Studies forum and chat, they lovingly called K01 "Superman."

Superman was born in captivity at the San Francisco Zoo and was fostered into the Pinnacle Rock nest on Catalina Island when he was 12 days old.

Superman is now 13 years old, a strong, healthy male and good companion to his mate.

You can identify Superman when you see him by his orange leg marker band. You can also see remnants of wing markers sometimes, so keep an eye out.


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