Blog: Carmen Harlan attends Obama's inauguration

By Carmen Harlan - Anchor
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WASHINGTON - Local 4's Carmen Harlan was in Washington DC for President Obama's second inauguration. Here, Carmen is sharing thoughts, photographs and stories throughout her journey to the nation's capital.

Monday-- 6:30 a.m.

Good morning!!!

We are at metro airport getting ready to board our flight to Washington DC.  I am with photojournalist Cesar Gonzalez and executive producer Ro Coppola anxiously waiting to get to the party.  Four years ago it was such a historic event the excitement was off the charts.  This time around it is still historic but there is a sense of calmness and a seriousness about what will be accomplished in the next 4 years. We are hoping to catch up with all the metro Detroiters in DC.  Talk to you when we land!!!!!

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Monday -- 8:04 a.m.

We have landed in DC!!!  You can tell it is a holiday - it is a bit quieter in the airport than usual.  We've already run into Detroiters headed to the inauguration.  Ann Perry is from Pleasant Ridge and she flew in with us this morning.   Her niece Megan works at the Capitol and is getting her access to all the festivities.  A concert starts at 9:30 this morning.  We are headed to the metro towards the Capitol!!!

Here we go!

Monday -- 9:45 a.m.

Riding the Metro from the airport was seamless compared to four years ago.  Then we were sandwiched in like sardines!

Plenty of elbow room below and above ground!

Lots of people but no where near the crowds four years ago!!!!

Inauguration Day 2013 ... here at last!

Monday 10:26 a.m.

We are working our way through the streets of DC trying to catch up with Cass tech kids.

Security is very tight and most roads are closed.

We are waiting for a K-9 unit to come sniff our camera.

Cesar Gonzalez isn't allowed through until the dog gives his okay. 

People are in good moods despite all the walking and waiting.  Hopefully we will find our Detroiters soon!

Monday 11:11 a.m.

Well we haven't found the Cass Tech kids yet, but we did run into President Obama and the motorcade.

People all along Pennsylvania Ave waved and cheered as the motorcade whipped by.

People also cheered Secretary of State Hilary Clinton as her limo went by a few cars after the President. 

Monday 11:40 a.m.

We found them!!!

The Cass Tech Band has gathered at the National Museum of National History to stay warm before they head to the National Mall.

The kids are very happy to be here and were also excited to be recognized on the streets of DC.

I guess the Cass Tech legend has reached Washington DC. 

We are headed to the National Mall. The festivities have already started and we can hear them echoing through the skies.

Monday - 12:37 a.m.

We have made it to the National Mall and are surrounded by at least a million people listening to the speeches and waving American flags!   When President Obama finished his speech a huge roar could be heard from this crowd.  We are surrounded by people from all over Metro Detroit.  We have interviewed kids from Garden City middle school, retired DPS teachers and a family with 3 generations here together to watch the inauguration.

This picture is of a Dad from Detroit and his 2 kids who are having a blast even though they have lost their Mom!

Kelly Clarkson sounded amazing singing America the Beautiful and now Beyoncé is wowing the crowd with the national anthem.

Be sure to watch my live reports on Local 4 News at 4,5,6 and 11!

Monday - 3 p.m.

We have finally made it back to the NBC bureau. Because of all the street closures and the parade -- we had to literally walk all the way around the Capitol.

It took us almost 2 hours to get from the National Mall back to the NBC bureau across from the Capitol.

We met a young reporter from Time magazine along the way. Alex Rogers even offered to help carry some of our equipment.

I'm putting together some great stories for the newscasts.

Make sure you start watching my live reports starting at 4 p.m.

Monday -7 p.m.
The parade is over and now it's on to the parties!!!

We are hoping to catch up with Jocelyn Benson the President of the Military Spouses of Michigan. She and several other spouses got to march in the inaugural parade today.

They are stopping to talk with us on their way to the Michigan Ball.

We are going to find out just what it was like to march in that very long parade.

We are also going to interview U of M student Sonja Karnovsky who got a ticket from Congressman John Dingell.  I am sure she had a great seat and will have some great stories to tell.  

Monday -8:15 p.m.

Just got back from interviewing Jocelyn Benson the President of the Military Spouses of Michigan Organization.  Jocelyn marched in the parade today with all the other military spouses and then she stopped by to chat with us on her way to the inaugural ball.

Her husband is deployed in Afghanistan and happened to call just as the parade started. 

Jocelyn tells quite a story.

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