Blog post says Detroit is more honest, cheaper alternative to Chicago

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DETROIT - A contributor to the Huffington Post says anyone planning to visit Chicago should switch it up and try out Detroit instead.

The Windy city falls on David Landsel's "10 Terribly Overrated Destinations" list -- but he offers the Motor City as a "more honest" alternative.

Of Chicago, Landsel writes, "Yes, the city has some iconic cultural institutions and that beautiful lakefront. But look too far past the glittering Potemkin village at Chicago's center and you'll find yourself near or at the bottom of a sad pile of poor to average."

He suggests Detroit because, "There's a great art museum, a proper public market, some of the country's best architecture, the music scene is fun, the food scene is better than it has been in ages and the beer is better and much cheaper."

On a final note, Landsel writes, "Detroiters are friendly -- Chicagoans are just polite. There's a big difference."

Other alternative travel destinations:

Landsel also suggests trying Houston instead of Austin, Portland instead of Vancouver, Hawaii instead of Costa Rica and Prague instead of Berlin.

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