Building a home in Hazel Park in just one week

Churches, volunteers come together to help Hazel Park family in need

By Paula Tutman - Reporter

HAZEL PARK, Mich. - Something amazing is happening in Hazel Park.

A team of volunteers from local churches are working together to build a needy family a home. 

They want it finished in six days. 

Reminiscent of an old barn raising, Monday morning rose on a most beautiful sight. Of all God's creations, the service of man to his fellow human being must be the most awe inspiring sight of them all.

IMAGES: Building a house in one week

In Hazel Park good deeds made light work of raising the first four walls of a brand new home for a family. The combined efforts of Landmark Community church, just across the freeway, Kensington Church in Troy and Life Remodeled - an organization that looks for ways and people to help.  300 volunteers will show that if God can create the world in seven days, a house can be built in six..

The family was chosen by application, a local family already living in Hazel Park, they've demonstrated need.

Each worker knows his or her job - builders, servants, medical, skilled trades, safety workers.

When completed, it will be a three bedroom with two baths.

For three years the owners will have to pay the insurance, utilities, keep the property up, show that they have honored this gift and then the house is theirs for a dollar.

The big reveal is Sunday.

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