Clinton Township residents form new neighborhood watch group

Clinton Township on alert after home invasions

By Lauren Podell - Reporter

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Home invasions in a normally quiet and safe neighborhood in Clinton Township have residents scared and mad, and they're planning to do something about it.

"I've seen people steal filters off of pools, garages broken into, cars broken into right in peoples' driveways," said resident Ronald Ball.

Ball, who has lived in Clinton Township since the 1960s, is just one of many who plan to join the new neighborhood watch. Residents and a nearby church contacted Clinton Township police about the idea and now the police are lending a helping hand to get this watch started.

"What people don't realize is I could drive down your street 100 times in my patrol car, but I don't know what cars are suppose to be there or not. The people living there do," said Cpt. Bruce Wade from.

At 6:30 Monday night, residents, clergy and Clinton Township police will gather in St. Claude Chapel on Beaconsfield Street. They are getting together to talk about what they can do to better prepare their community against home invasions.

Police have already given out red and white window signs that warn would-be criminals that the neighborhood is on alert and residents have their eyes open. Police also will be installing metal neighborhood watch signs in residential areas across the township.

The neighborhood watch meeting is open to everyone and the Clinton Township Police Department encourages everyone to be the eyes and ears of their neighborhood.

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