Couple never stops holding hands, celebrates 75 years of wedded bliss

Dearborn couple, both 93, mark their 75th wedding anniversary by renewing vows

DEARBORN, Mich. - A Dearborn couple is celebrating 75 years of marriage by saying "I do" again.

Walter and Eva Greenwood's love story began at a YMCA dance in Windsor, Ontario when they were teenagers.

"I saw four of them lined up across the hall, across the dance floor and I walked all the way across and went right to her," said Walter Greenwood to Local 4's Roger Weber.

"He was a nice man and I admired his principles," said Eva Greenwood about her husband of 75 years.

After the dance, Eva moved back to Toronto with her parents. Walter, a welder at Ford's Rouge plant used the money he earned to buy gas to continue their long-distance courtship.

"We had a Model A.  When we were going downhill we got 50 miles an hour, going downhill," said Walter Greenwood.

Local 4's Roger Weber: "How about going up hill?"  

"Oh God.  We had to pray," said Walter Greenwood.

The two decided to save money by getting married in the Wayne County courthouse 75 years ago.

"I got the license and the girl married us right there in the hallway," said Walter Greenwood.   

Walter and Eva, who are both 93 years old celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary on April 9.

The Greenwoods have three great grandchildren.  

Since 1938, and over the course of their entire marriage, the couple said they have never had a serious argument.

"I think you have to be very understanding and very trustworthy of your mate's personality or habits," said Eva Greenwood.

The Greenwood's celebrated their anniversary with a party and by renewing their vows.

"She said 'I do' again. Can you imagine? After 75 years," said Walter Greenwood. "Boy have I got you tricked," said Greenwood jokingly to his wife Eva.

Seven years ago Eva had a stroke, but Walter doesn't see limitations, he said he just sees one more reason to love her.

"She fights like crazy. Oh, she's wonderful. I love her," said Walter Greenwood.

The Greenwoods still live in their Dearborn home that they built 60 years ago, with daily help from Senior Care Solutions of Oakwood.

A possible secret to their nuptial success: the hand holding has never stopped.  Walter said he always gets in the last word; it's "Yes dear."

"I found out she's going to keep me. And I found out why. She said she hasn't got time to break another one in," laughs Walter Greenwood.

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