Deep freeze hits tire pressure

When temperatures are low air in tires contracts

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As Metro-Detroiters shiver through a deep freeze, it's probably a good time to check your tire pressure.

Some of you may have already woken up to an ominous warning on your dashboard.

Local 4 checked with the experts at Bob Maxey Ford in Detroit. They say when temperatures get this low, the air in your tires can contract. In fact, you could lose one pound of pressure per square inch for for every 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) the temperature drops.

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They say cars built after 2007 are required to have sensors that tell you when your tire pressure gets low. That's why some of you may wake up to the "Low Tire Pressure" warning light on your dashboard when there's an extreme temperature change.

"I would probably have it checked as soon as possible. I mean not a week from now, but a day, today, during the same day would be fine." said David D'Alessandro, Assistant Service Manager at Bob Maxey Ford.

Once you know there's a problem, you can bring your vehicle to a mechanic, or use a tire gauge to see how much pressure has been lost. Each vehicle has a chart posted inside the car door listing the proper amount of pressure for your tires. The gauge is a tool  that can help you assess the actual pressure quickly. Then, drivers should add pressure as needed.

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"Proper tire inflation is not only going to be better for your handling cause your tire will grip the road better, but

it's also going to save you gas mileage," said D'Alessandro.

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