Detroit FBI's new agents are children

3rd graders graduate FBI program

By Brandon Roux - Meteorologist, Segment Reporter/Producer
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DETROIT - Maybury elementary teams up with the FBI to get fresh eyes and ears on Detroit streets.

This is a program the bureau does with local schools which works for both parties. Maybury third-graders get to see the personal side to the agents and possible think about a career path.

The FBI teaches the eight and nine year olds how to process evidence, prevent bullying, and make good life choices. Plus, what to do, or not do when it comes to weapons and drugs.

"Drugs are not good. They're not good for your heart," student Bryan Hernandez said.

Third-grader Nya Smith added, "I learned not to bully and not to touch a gun."

About 100 Maybury students received a certificate of achievement from the FBI on Friday having graduated the program. They also picked up FBI identification cards and badges with their names on them.

SLIDESHOW: Junior FBI agents

"We graduated from the FBI," shouted an excited Heaven Hooks.

The bureau says this is a win-win.

"They're learning about the FBI for the first time and it's a very positive experience," says spokesman Simon Shaykhet. "They've been interacting with the bureau once a week for several months and yeah, they're ambassadors for us."

Maybury Elementary in southwest Detroit will close its doors at the end of this school year.

So, every memory inside those walls, is a special one for the children and new agents.

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