Easing kids' fears on Halloween

Calling on the Dream Team to help kids deal with nightmares

By Paula Tutman - Reporter

WYANDOTTE, Mich. - A sleeping child is an angel. But four months ago, 3 year old Lorali of Wyandotte began avoiding sleep, because her nightmares were scaring her to death.

Enter the Dream Team.  That's what Michael and Nic Sebastian call themselves.  With decades of research they say they've learned how to chase away sleep-time goblins.  Their techniques are also used for adults, veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, addicts and all children.

They say, in their clientele, they are noticing an uptick in nightmares and scary dreams in children around Halloween.  They blame the negative images, explicitly violent decorations and the general scariness and realistic gore the season has taken on.

Lorali's nightmares had gotten so bad, her mother got online to look for answers from her home in Wyandotte.  She stumbled over the Divine Guidance Institute and realized that the dream therapists on the website were local and she gave them a call.

Job one: find out what was causing the nightmares.  Certainly right now there is plenty of stimulus to encourage nightmares.  Over the top, frightening house decorations, ghosts and goblins, stuffed monsters hanging from trees., scary movies.  But  in Lorali's case, it was a visitor her mother brought into the house.  A medium.  And something that medium tracked into the house, apparently stayed after she left...and whatever it was was haunting Lorali to death.

The Dream Team came up with strategies to flip the bad dreams.  They say these strategies work for children and adults no matter when they have nightmares.  First, talk about the dreams and then re-script the dream's ending.  Find the ending the child is comfortable with and talk it into their consciousness.

And then there's a simple hum they employ, called the HU.  They say you don't need a therapist and you don't need to spend any money, you simply need to find your HU frequency and hum it.  It changes the energy frequency and moves the bad vibrations and scary dreams away from the mind and the emotions.

Katie, Lorali's mom tried it and it worked.  Last night was the first night in four months her daughter slept through the night.

Dr. Reverend Nic and Mike are published authors, have spent much of their lives in dream therapy and are now offering their services pro-bono to children, veterans and addicts.

For more information in the Divine Guidance Institute visit their website: www.DivineGuidanceInstitute.org.

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