Final preps in place for Detroit fireworks

Barges bursting with fireworks preps ahead of Monday's big show

DETROIT - You can almost already hear the oohhs and the aahhs.

For the past week, on a barge off the Detroit River, crews with the Parade Company have been busy at work.

They're preparing for a spectacular fireworks show that will light up the night's sky in downtown Detroit Monday.

"This year, with Ford stepping in as the title sponsor , the Ford Fireworks presented by target sounds pretty darn good," says Tony Michaels, president and CEO of the Parade Company.

It's been going 55 years strong, and every event is bigger and better than the last. It also always guarantees to offer something new. "We can't give it all away, but we've got an amazing music track, we have some new colors that people have not seen before and we've got an ending where I can tell is you,  you're going to have to make a decision should I stay or should I go?," says Michaels.

As in years past, Patrick Brault, a world renowned choreographer, who designed the pyrotechnic display in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver take the helm for this year's show. 

He's been doing this a long time, and it never gets old.

"You look at someone watching the fireworks show and they're all the same, all the same age you that childish look in their eye and the smile..that brings good, to know that you're doing good," Brault told Local 4.

It's one of the world's largest fireworks shows. Get ready to be impressed.

"It's a time for everyone to come together. That's what this is really about and enjoy it because it's one of the best shows in the nation and we're so proud we're able to put this on," says Michaels.

The event attracts over a million people to downtown Detroit every year.

People will notice some changes.

The mayor's office and police department have set up new precautionary measures certain areas are closed.

One big difference this year, Hart Plaza and Belle Isle won't open until 2 p.m. Last year they were open all day. 

The show starts Monday, June 24 at 10:06p.m.

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SPECIAL SECTION: Ford Fireworks presented by Target 

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