Fitness USA in Taylor changes to women-only gym, turns away men with memberships

Male members at Taylor gym must now go to Fitness USA in Lincoln Park

By Jay Kuhlman - Live In The D Producer

TAYLOR, Mich. - Men with memberships at Fitness USA in Taylor are upset that they've been locked out of the gym and told to go somewhere else after the location became an all-female gym this week.

A sign that reads "Ladies Only" is now posted on the gym, and men are being told they must go to the location in Lincoln Park to use their memberships.

"If they want me to go somewhere else then they need to give me my money back," said gym member Michael Campbell.

Some of those men being told to relocate said they've been wronged, and they want answers.

"My wife had a membership here, and she's in heaven. She died, but if she was here right now she'd  be helping me because this is wrong. This is absolutely wrong," said gym member John Varga.

The Fitness USA used to operate with a men's day and a women's day workout schedule, but the switch came this week. A spokesman for the gym says the memberships that the men hold are still good.

"They still have a membership at another location which is just a short distance away. All of the amenities, everything that they have in their membership is still available for their use, " said Jodi Berry, a spokesman with Fitness USA.

The men who signed lifetime memberships, some costing more than $1,000, said they shouldn't be forced to relocate.

"Give us our money back," said Varga. "If you don't give it all, then give half back, and then we can go to another place."

Fitness USA said they are not giving any refunds at this point, but the executive director said she will talk to members and decide on a case by case basis.

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