How one woman is helping dogs and kids in the Heart of Detroit

In certain situations, it's hard to tell who's helping who, and that's exactly what's happening with a group called "Teacher's Pet."

Award-winning journalist Mitch Albom introduced us to Amy Johnson who's putting dogs and at-risk youth together and getting amazing results in the Heart of Detroit. 

Johnson took her compassion for unwanted dogs and paired it with her desire to help at-risk youth. The result is Teacher's Pet, where she offers a at-risk kids a stepping-stone to a better life.

This program gives kids a chance for kids to better themselves with the help of a "hard to adopt" dog, a shared stigma that the kids understand. 

Johnson said she sees a connection these kids have with the dogs through their shared experiences.

The bond benefits both the youth and the dogs, but the long-term goal is for each pair to work together and find their way to a happier life.

Johnson said owners who adopt dogs that go through the program praise the obedience and loving nature of the animals.

One of the animals in the program, Prancer, is up for adoption at Detroit Animal Care and Control.

More information on the program can be found on their website and social media.