Judge McCree's court case coming to an end

Wayne County Judge embroiled in steamy sex scandal has future in hands of judge

WAYNE COUNTY, Mich. - After his involvement in a steamy sex scandal, Judge Wade McCree's future on the Wayne County Circuit Court Bench is in the hands of a judge.

The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission closed Judge Wade McCree's case Wednesday, pressing hard for his dismissal, and the state made certain no stone was left uncovered in the long and sordid affair McCree had with Geniene La'Shay Mott, 30, a woman whose child support case he was handling.

After three days of testimony McCree admitted Wednesday the breakup turned violent and ended very badly.

"She struck me, actually, and scratched me up," said McCree. "This was in anger. I mean, this woman was fighting with me and I was certain she wanted me to hit her so she could go to the police."

State Judicial Tenure Attorney Margaret Rynier went straight to characterizing the judge.

"He's a complete and total liar," said Rynier. She went on to say McCree's sordid affair with Mott was the first of a laundry list of misconduct.

"It was a consistent, premeditated and calculated abuse of powers, and the abuse of his bench," said Rynier. "And not only was he doing that, he was also involving other people. He testified he had involved deputies in his courtroom."

Rynier added that McCree put pressure on the father of Mott's child, who owed $15,000 in child support, as a way to keep his own bills down because he was keeping Mott, and paying her bills.

Mccree's attorney Brian Einhorn disagreed. " No obstruction of justice occured," said Einhorn. "It's fiction, more than fiction, it's bad fiction that he wants this money to help him out with her," said Einhorn.

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