Kids pictured, photographer may reunite decades later

Photo taken in July 1973 in Mount Clemens is Internet hit decades later

By Steve Garagiola - Reporter/Anchor

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. - Photographer Joe Crachiola took the photo on July 31, 1973 for the Macomb Daily. It was on the oldest original street in Mount Clemens.

Last week, he posted the photo on his Facebook page after the Trayvon Martin verdict. It's a photo he has always loved.

"It wasn't like it was a news story, you know, it's not like it was some big breaking news event, but the picture meant a lot to me personally. There was something about the innocence of the children. They're just people. They're just living their lives and having fun and there is none of that judgment," said Crachiola.

Kathy and Chris Macool now live in Texas. Robert, Rhonda and Lisa Shelly still live in Mount Clemens. They find this new-found fame a little unsettling.

"That was so long ago I really don't remember it. I was 3 years old. I know we were just outside playing, having fun," said Rhonda Shelly, the little girl in the photo.

"It was more like sharing and caring and getting along, you know, just having friends and having fun," said Lisa Shelly, Rhonda's sister in the photo.

And what about a reunion 40 years later?

"For years I've wondered where those kids were and what happened to them and if I would ever see them again. So, the idea of some kind of reunion has been on my mind," said Crachiola.

NBC's Today Show is trying to pull such a reunion together.

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