Local everyday hero inspires through art

Hubert Massey is making a difference

DETROIT - Sometimes when we look at art,we may just glance and not let the significance of what we are seeing sink in. Artist Hubert Massey, for the last 20 years has been painting pictures that make you stop and appreciate the beauty, meaning and expressions that rise up from the canvass that he has touched.

He is what is called a "fresco painter".  There are fewer than 20 of these in the world. Maybe you have heard of or observed some of the works of fresco painters. Have you heard of the marvelous work on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, in Rome? That was painted by a fresco painter, Michelangelo. Or maybe you have seen the Mexican Muralist Diego Rivers' work at the DIA, another fresco painter.

Fresco is the Italian word for fresh. It is painted on wet plaster walls or ceiling (only about eight colors are used). When it drys,the painting projects a special glow.

Hubert Massey is known throughout the country, for his specialty in Public Art Projects. His approach is to insure that the public art speaks to the community that it serves. To insure that it is meaningful, he holds community forums and gets feedback from the community on what they would like to see. Around Detroit, you will see his " hand print" at Harmony Park,Museum for African American History (the floor). DAC, Anthenium Hotel Lobby, Mexican Town, Bagley Pedestrian Bridge Gateway MDOT...and on and on. Incidentally in April he will be receiving (the only) Honorary PhD Degree in Art from Grand Valley State University.

Massey also works with such educational institutions as the Taubman Center for Design Education. He states that the reason he works with the youth is to insure that what he has learned, he passes it on. Hubert says, " After I am gone, I want the knowledge that I have learned over the decades to continue through the hands of the  youth of tomorrow."

Hubert Massey is an Everyday Hero, Making A Difference.

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