Made in Michigan: Plum Door Tea Company

By Paula Tutman - Reporter
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It's time to get loose. Loose tea that is. 

On Friday, we saw a beautiful array of loose teas lovingly blended by culinary artist Lisa Detkowski, founder of The Plum Door Tea Company in Milford, Michigan. 

In two short years she's achieved national distribution in boutique stores all over the country.

Tea is not grown in Michigan, but it is blended and that's what Lisa prides herself on.

Interesting blends with only the best products. And that creativity has also led her to launch products for pets.

Teas and broths for cats and dogs to enjoy on a chilly Michigan evening. 

Tea is the beverage of royalty.

So get royally tea'd off with a great selection of home grown creativity made from a home grown location. 

Experience The Plum Door Tea Company by visiting the website: and don't forget when you choose to stock your cart with Michigan-made products, you choose to make all of us successful. 

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