Man beats Detroit streets with wooden clothing

Chase Majors started clothing company called Woodworkz to avoid streets

DETROIT - A lot of youngsters in Detroit feel trapped on the streets.

Chase Majors from Detroit was one such person until he turned his life around.

The 22-year-old could have been in jail or even worse he could be dead.

"Being in the neighborhood I was like I got to switch up my vibe. You don't want to get hurt out in the streets," said Majors

He now has a clothing company called Woodworkz.

Majors started it in the Fall by selling online.

He makes all his items by hand with wood.

Majors makes everything from hats to stylish eyewear with a prices range from $35 to $150.

"This hat took three hours to make. I would charge $150 for this hat," said Majors.

He says his clothing is one of a kind.

"Anywhere you go in the world, there's wood. So when you wearing wood, you're matching you're scene. I kept thinking what's the one thing people don't have on clothing. Wood," he said.

Majors just opened a boutique this week in the 8400 block of McNichols, inside his brother's upholstery business.

Brother Christopher Majors says he tried for years to get Chase to turn his life around.

Up until recently the streets were too hard for him to let go.

"I am very proud of him. like I said we had to have a lot of long talks and they weren't successful in the beginning," said Christopher.

Chase says he understands the harsh reality in many neighborhoods across Detroit and why so many youngsters feel trapped.

He says he wants to inspire people in his community to follow the right path.

"If you don't help the next person, they are not going to help the next person. It's a domino effect, " said Majors..

For more information on Woodworkz click HERE.

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