Mind just as important as physical strength to defend yourself

Self defense expert teaches body mind connection

Self defense experts said the type of energy a person gives off when they are walking in public, down a street or in a parking lot can help determine whether they become a target for crime.

Being distracted by a phone call or reading a text or email on a smart phone or looking down could make someone more susceptible to crime.

Self defense trainers at Innergetics Peace Center in Eastpointe said people need to fight off a would-be attacker with their mind first.

"If you're confident in yourself, they're working their plans and they're looking around and seeing who's really not paying attention, lets see who I can intimidate and you walk out with confidence.  What's the first thing that comes to their mind? 'Hmm ... she might give me a problem,'" said  Roy Barnett, who works at Innergetics Peace Center.

Barnett has trained in martial arts since he was 12.  He said self defense begins with the energy you give off to others.

Students at Innergetics said they like learning the connection between the mind and body when it comes to self defense.

"Most classes just show you the physical part of what you need to do. they don't tell you how to be prepared, how to, you know, walk confidently, how to use, you know your outward energy to say to prevent yourself from that.," said Amiee Gaekle.  If you look and feel confident than others will be like, won't bother you."

"Remembering that the power of mind and knowing that to avoid the situation in the first place is the most important part," said Samantha Spencer.

The center focuses on mental emotional martial arts which is using your body and mind together to fight off an attacker.

"Anyone can be a victim anytime of any crime and knowing what to do when it happens to you is the most important thing," said Spencer.

Barnett recommended everyone take a self defense class and that no one is too old to start learning self defense.

Innergetics is offering girls and women personal safety seminars on the third Saturday of each month.

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