Oakland University student lands hole-in-one twice on same day

Kassandra Komma twice accomplishes what most golfers strive to do once in lifetime

ROCHESTER, Mich. - You can golf an entire lifetime and never accomplish what one young golfer did twice on the same day.

Kassandra Komma is a junior at Oakland University and she's been hitting the little white ball around for ten years.

For most golfers getting a hole-in-one is a once in a life time achieve, Komma did it twice in one day.

It started out like a typical day for Komma and her friend Alissa Albright; they grabbed their clubs for an afternoon of golf at the R&S Sharf Golf Course on Oakland's campus.

"We decided to go after work, just like a casual round like always," said Komma. "I actual started off with a bogey on the first hole so it didn't start off amazingly good."

Komma teed off on a par three at the third hole as the foursome ahead looked on.

"I didn't even see it land but they said, 'Oh my God, go in, go in,' and they started yelling and screaming," said Komma.

Komma was greeted on the green by high fives from the players who witnessed the shot. "I was dancing on the green," she said.

Less than an hour later on the seventh hole, Komma did it again.

"It went towards the pin but the pin was behind like a little wave, like a little ridge so I couldn't see it," she said.

"And I thought there is absolutely no way that she can get two holes-in-one in one round and then she ran up the green and was like 'oh my gosh' and she just collapsed," said Albright.

The question now is, can Komma ever do it again.

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