Organization makes promise to help Boston bomb victims

Michigan lawyer Richard Bernstein learned to run marathons with help from organization called Achilles

By Paula Tutman - Reporter
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Boston strong has become a slogan of strength for many. Experts say the survivors of the bombings are entering their most difficult recovery period after an amputation.

Now help for the victims is coming from a Michigan lawyer with a love of running and the organization that helped him do it.

If you know anything at all about Richard Bernstein you know he astounds as a marathoner, who happens to be blind.

But he didn't always run. It wasn't until he got involved in an organization, called Achilles, that he realized he could do what others would consider impossible.

Bernstein speaks with insight and empathy for the victims of Boston.

"Right now the rest of the world is going on and this is the time trauma patients are now coming to grips with their new reality," said Bernstein.

Achilles is an international organization that does amazing work with servicemen and women who have became amputees. They teach them and guide them to excel beyond the cards they've been dealt.

Founder Dick Traum talked about his next big project in Boston. "We will engage them and we will get them out running, walking and using a hand crank bike, but having fun using their body and joining a group and having a goal," said Traum.

It won't be easy and Bernstein knows from experience what waits for each survivor, even in the face of bravery there is a fresh new hell of challenges to over come.

"It's very condescending to say to people, oh lift your leg or you're going to heal. Because you have to respect that these people are not going to heal. People in Boston are not going to heal," said Bernstein. "We're going to focus on the fact that we're going to be moving forward."

And for those who can, and those who want, Achilles will help get them to the finish line at the Boston Marathon next year, and Richard Bernstein will be right alongside them.

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