Residents face fine for leaving dog mess behind

Dallas renters could face $250 fine for not picking up dog mess

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DALLAS - Man's best friend tends to leave unfriendly messes behind.  But at one Dallas apartment complex, not picking up after your canine could lead to a fine.

A campaign to use DNA to track down the dog responsible for the droppings is gaining steam, and it could turn a profit.

At the Ilume Apartments, every dog owner must have their pet swabbed for a DNA sample that's entered in the World Pet Registry.

"And in the World Pet Registry, you can store anything from your shot records, your medical records for your pet, your animal, as well as, you can get alerts," says Cedric Moses, CEO of PooPrints.

PooPrints is the DNA tracking system used by Ilume Apartments.

"And now we've gone from picking up maybe an hour a day of poop, to picking up maybe one or two a month," Ilume's manager, Joshuah Welch describes.

If the complex finds a mess on the property, it sends a sample to be tested.  If the sample matches registered DNA, the owner faces a $250 fine or even eviction.

PooPrints charges $30 for the swab, and $50 for the DNA tests.  The company figures the city of Dallas could earn millions of dollars on fines for the millions of pounds of poop left on city streets.  Dallas Councilwoman Angela Hunt wants to hear more of the plan.

"I think that's a great idea, I think we do need enforcement, especially in some of our denser areas where you have a lot of folks living with dogs and if they're not picking up, it creates a problem."

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