Stay-at-home moms getting pay cuts

Symbolic salary assigned to mothers who work inside home decreases

By Tony Statz - Producer
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DETROIT - Just in time for Mother's Day, there's discouraging news for stay-at-home mothers.

According to and their annual Mother's Day Index, the salary a mother would receive for the work she does in the home has been cut.

The Index finds a stay-at-home mother's salary would now be $59,862.

That total includes the cleaning, cooking, child care, carpooling, and managing the household. That's a lot of work for less than $60,000.

The estimated salary has been falling for the last few years, from $61,436 in 2011 to $60,182 in 2012. 

A spokeswoman for the website said the drop is because the typical wages for some domestic jobs have fallen.

That same spokeswoman says the data is not meant to be a rigorous analysis of the value of domestic work, but a fun way to look at a serious topic.

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