The stuff of your life turned into art

Dragonfly Garage artist's glass mosaics on display at Arts, Beats and Eats

By Paula Tutman - Reporter

ROYAL OAK, Mich. - Arts Beats and Eats boasts a host of interesting artist, musicians and exciting culinary samples but none are as colorful as Tracy Kehr of Dragonfly Garage.

Her glass mosaics and art pieces are actually made from the pieces of life. Her nature walks end up in her sculptures. The things her small children pick up along the way find their way into her art pieces. But what's truly unique is her ability to customize. You can commission your own art piece to hang, sit or be shown in your home.

She loves to talk to her visitors. She picks up on their vibes and feels their spirit. She'll ask you to collect things that matter to you -- a glass from an anniversary toast, a broken watch, a burl from your favorite tree or your winning hand of scrabble. Whatever you send her, she spins through her own soul and creativity and builds a memorable art piece you'll recognize completely and wholly as your own when she's done.

She's spending quite a bit of time in Michigan. This weekend at Arts, Beats and Eats. Next week Dragonfly Garage will be in Rochester at Arts and Apples.

And the following week she'll be at Funky Ferndale. You can buy one of the pieces she's created from State-trotting about Michigan or figure out what she can create for you.

Her website is:

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