Thousands in Dearborn pay tribute to heroes

Memorial Day Parade celebrates 89th year

DEARBORN, Mich. - Thousands of people lined Michigan Avenue in Dearborn on Monday to pay their respects to our men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

The event marked the 89th year for Dearborn's Memorial Day parade, the longest running in Michigan.  

"It's for the recognition of the veterans who gave their life and the ones who are wounded and have to live forever with their wounds and the memories of the horrors they saw during war," said Rick Prusak.

War heroes drew salutes, hugs and cheers.

"It was frightening as I came in as a young buck, but as time went on, and realizing what it actually meant to serve your country, it was quite an honor," said 82nd Airborne Division Army veteran Ron Barratt.

On Memorial Day -- and everyday -- they want us to remember those who spend their lives making our live just a little bit better.

"Memorial Day is about the veterans, not about barbecuing. It's about celebrating the veterans that are here and the ones that are gone," said Sandra Wilkins.

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